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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cashbaq Vs. Ebates

I do a lot of shopping online, especially at Christmas time. Online shopping is even better when you get rewarded for it. Today I want to give you some information regarding Ebates and Cashbaq. Both companies will reward you by giving you back (in CASH) a percentage of your purchase amount when you shop through their site.

  • You get a $5 credit just for signing up.
  • Choose from over 2900 stores to shop at.
  • Payout is on the 20th of each month via PayPal or Check.
  • You can receive a payout when your account reaches $10.
  • Your transactions may remain in a "pending" status for up to 3 months.
  • Percentage values range from 1%-50% back.

  • You get a $5 credit just for signing up.
  • Choose from over 1200 stores to shop at.
  • Payouts are given quarterly via PayPay, Check or Donation to Charity of your choice.
  • You can receive a payout when your account reaches $5.01.
  • Transactions are posted within 48 hours.
  • Percentage values range from 1%-25% back.
Tips and Tricks:
I have both companies bookmarked in my browser. I simply visit their site to link to the store I want to shop at. Get into this habit right away. With almost 3000 stores to choose from, it is almost guaranteed that they are affiliated with the online store you plan to shop at. It's not just for retail merchandise either. Think travel, magazine subscriptions, gift cards and more! Basically, if are going to be buying it online, you should be getting rewarded for it. I do!

Don't miss another chance to be rewarded for shopping online. Sign up for Cashbaq and Ebates. Happy Shopping!


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nanoosa.com said...

On February 1, 2011, Cashbaq.com, an internet cashback website, posted that they are no longer in business. "Like so many other companies, Cashbaq was hit by the worst recession of our lifetime. We regret that Cashbaq is unable to continue operations and has shut down." (http://www.cashbaq.com/). This was after several weeks of blog posts from members who were stating that they never received their recent cashback payments. While Nanoosa.com does not like to see this happen to anyone, we would like to help support those who were former members who have not received their cashback.

If you are a former Cashbaq member, you understand how a cashback site works. Nanoosa.com is the same; however, Nanoosa.com allows you to withdraw your cashback (similar to Cashbaq.com) OR have us donate the cashback that you earn to the organization (non-profit, charity, etc.) of your choice. For those who were former members of Cashbaq.com, Nanoosa.com will be providing an additional account bonus for former Cashbaq.com members when they sign up for a Free account with Nanoosa.com. While this is not intended to fully reimburse those who never received their cashback, this is a way for Nanoosa.com to show their generosity and let everyone know that they are here to help.

More details can be obtained at Nanoosa.com at http://dld.bz/CashbaqNanoosa.