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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Frugal 101: Using a Coupon Database

A Coupon Database is a very handy tool for determining if a coupon even exists for the product you want or need to buy. The database is a pretty inclusive list of any and every coupon that is out there and available.

Using a coupon database is simple. Basically, you just type in part of the brand or product name, then click "search." The database will let you know where a coupon for that particular item can be found. It will also show you the value of the coupon and it's expiration date. If it is a printable coupon, then you will be able to click the link and go straight to it. Granted, coupon values may vary from area to area and the availability of blinkies, peelies and tearpads will vary from store to store, but it will point you in the right direction of where to locate a certain coupon.

Let's say you are out of cereal and you need to buy it this week (on sale or not) or the world will come to an end in your household. Simply click over to the coupon database and type in your favorite brand. Voila! You will know immediately where to look for any coupons that match up to your favorite cereal.

You can access the Coupon Database via this bookmark or you can look under the Coupon tab on my main menu.

Coming up, I'm gonna answer the age-old question: How much time does couponing really take?

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