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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday Tips

In case you are new to bargain shopping Black Friday is the most beloved deal shopping day of all time. Black Friday occurs on the day after Thanksgiving and truly the early bird gets the worm! Items will be deeply discounted to try and get you out and about in the wee hours of the morning. Most sales begin around 5 am. There will be door buster deals galore as well as ongoing deals throughout the weekend. Here are my tips if you are going to attempt Black Friday shopping. Yes, I will certainly be among them.

Shop early - If you don't want to be out in the Black Friday hysteria, there are plenty of deals to be had NOW. Amazon and Walmart are running some crazy online specials right now.

Get a sneak peek - Retailers will release their Black Friday ads early and you can use the following websites to browse and compare who will have what on sale and find where the best deal will be. You can (and should) grab a newspaper on Thanksgiving Day, which will have all the ads inside.

Take the ad & coupons - Don't expect the store to have copies of the Black Friday ad. Take yours with you. This also might help you identify the exact item you are looking for because size, color and model number do make a huge difference on Black Friday.

Bring a shopping buddy - I mean, if you are going to be up at the crack of dawn and standing in long lines, you might as well do it with someone you like. It will be a bonding experience for sure. Another person can also help you look for that treasured item and you can take turns holding the place in the checkout line while the other one shops.

Don't take the kids - Make a pact with Dad or another family member or a neighbor to watch the little ones. This may even mean picking up a special deal for them while you are out, but kiddos don't need to be up that early or out in that craziness. Honestly, its a meltdown waiting to happen.

Make a plan - Scour the ads to find out which door buster deals you can miss and go there first.

Plan to wait - I would suggest arriving at least 1 hour before the store opens to get a good spot in line. Wear plenty of layers to keep warm. You may want to even consider bringing a chair to sit in. Your buddy can always hold your place in line while you stash it in the car a few minutes before the doors open. Oh, don't forget your COFFEE!! Some Starbucks & McDonalds even open extra early just for us Black Friday shoppers.

Put on your happy face - No pain, no gain, right? And so it goes with Black Friday. You are going to be around grumpy, stingy and selfish people and not to mention the employees who aren't exactly delighted to have gotten up at 3 am. I prefer the kill them with kindness approach. Last year I even offered to help a lady find the LeapFrog she was looking for even after she wasn't exactly pleasant to me. Just be nice and be patient.

Charge your cell - Make sure that cell phone is all charged up and ready to go. This way you can keep in touch with your shopping buddy and find each other if you get lost in the madness.

Remember Cyber Monday - If you didn't find the deal you were looking for or if the idea of being out on Black Friday scares you to pieces, there is always Cyber Monday. This is the Monday after Thanksgiving where you will find a plethora of deals online. Be sure and check Retail Me Not to get special offer codes for discounts and free shipping. Don't forget to go through a site like Cashbaq to earn money back on your purchases.

Happy Shopping - Let me know of any great deals you find!


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