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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Exciting news today! Coupon Queen Diaries is finally on
Facebook. You can follow this link to become a fan or you can also click the icon found on my home page under Subscribe Now. I will be posting links to anything that I put on the blog as well as other nifty deals as I come across them. Sometimes I find things that don't necessarily require a full blog post but I think its worthy enough to Tweet about. Now, I will be able to do the same thing with Facebook. This will especially come in handy as we approach the holidays. There will be special deals popping up here and there and I will make sure that you know about them. I mainly try to stick to grocery bargains but sometimes there are non-grocery deals that are too good to go without a mention.

Remember, there are 4 ways to subscribe to Coupon Queen Diaries. First, you can subscribe via email and get daily updates if there is a new post. Second, you can subscribe via RSS feed and have my blog posts delivered straight to your favorite reader. Third, you can follow me on Twitter. Now, fourthly, you can become a fan on Facebook. Something for everyone, right? RIGHT!


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