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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walgreens RR Deals - November

Here is a list of some month-long RR deals. You will need to be on the lookout for some particular Walgreens store coupons to make these deals work. The first thing to look for is the November Coupon Booklet. These are usually found up front next to the weekly ads. Next, you will want to make your way back to the pharmacy and look for the current Diabetes & You Magazine (Holiday 2009).
Walgreens Diabetes & You Coupons Winter 2009
Now that you have your store coupons, let's look at the deals for this month. Because Walgreens policy allows "stacking" of 1 store Q+ 1 mfg Q per item, you can get several items FREE in November.


Lubriderm Daily Moisturizer 6 oz (Fragrance FREE), $3.79
-Earn 8 RR WYB 3
-$2.00 off Lubriderm, 10/11 RP or printable (use 3)
-$1.00 off from Wags Diabetes & You Mag (will deduct $3 automatically)*
>Even if you cannot find the FREE Diabetes & You Mag in the pharmacy, this is still a MM deal with the mfg coupons/RR alone!

Dulcolax Balance, $7
-Earn 4 RR
-$3.00 off printable
>Also eligible for $5 Dulcolax Rebate

Theraflu, $5
-Earn 3 RR WYB 2
-$2.00 off any Theraflu 18/18 SS (use 2)
-$3.00 off from Wags Nov. Q Book (will deduct $6 automatically)*

Robitussin DM To-Go 2 pk, $2.49
-Earn 2.49 RR

Almay Pure Blends Foundation, $9.99
-Earn 10 RR

Almay Pure Blends Mascara, Eye Shadow or Lip Gloss, $6.99
-Earn 5 RR
*Total is $1.99

*A word about Walgreens store coupons. You only need 1 store coupon even if you have multiple items. For example, say you are buying "2 boxes of PRODUCT 1" and the Walgreens coupon reads "$2.00 off PRODUCT 1." When the cashier scans that coupon, it will automatically take $4.00 off your order. This is only for Walgreens store coupons. You will still need 1 mfg coupon for each item you plan to purchase.


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