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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 85%

This week I was just kinda out of it. It was busy week with lots going on but little couponing. I am actually playing catchup today. Sometimes, even the Coupon Queen needs a break, you know? That's okay. I still have plenty of food in this house to get us by for a LONG time! I did manage to get out for Triples at Kroger and that's where I did most of my shopping. It helped me turn an okay week into a great one!

KROGER: I bought bread (0.92), baking powder (FREE), yeast (FREE), toothpaste (0.56), TP (1.34), veggies (FREE), veg. oil (1.39), corn starch (0.29), flour (0.99), sausage (0.25), chicken strips (0.25), lunch meat (FREE), chips (1.79), rolls (0.90), halls (0.19), salad finishers (1.24), batteries (0.50), onion topping (0.14), margerine (FREE), cheese (2.49), cookie dough (0.45), chicken (1.98 lb), bananas (0.39 lb) - made yummy banana chips in the dehydrator! I was also glad to be restocked on some baking supplies.

WALGREENS & FOOD LION: Glucose monitors (MONEY MAKER), Immodium (4.49), chocolate milk (1.99), stuffing (1.00), snack cakes (1.39 - Hubby will be so happy the Christmas trees are back. HIS FAVE!).

Regular Price: $314.49 ($434.49 with monitors)
Savings: $268.84 or 85% ($388.84 without monitors)
Actual Cost: $45.65 ($15 under budget)

If I would have factored in the monitors to my savings it would have been 90%. I'm happy with 85% either way. I only bought the monitors because it was a $5 MONEY MAKER deal but I will donate them where they can be used.


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