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Friday, November 20, 2009

Freebies 11/20

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Here are some Freebies from this week. HURRY, some offers go VERY fast. Remember, some of my previous Freebie posts are still valid so check those out here. Enjoy!

50 4x8 photo cards with envelopes +shipping - LINK (use code newbaby)
Hellman's, Caress, Ponds & Degree - LINK
Metamucil (Pink Lemonade) - LINK
Gingerbread Body Wash (Facebook Fans) - LINK (go to application)
Ultimate Cloth (Facebook Fans) - LINK
Always Infinity - LINK
Lipton's Green Tea - LINK
Meuller's Planner + coupons - LINK
Tampax Pearl - LINK
Surf Detergent - LINK
Other Walmart Freebies - LINK

Note: I recommend setting up a seperate e-mail address for things like this but they are legitimate freebies and they do come. I use
RoboForm to help me fill out freebie forms with ease. It is also FREE.



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