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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 78%

I am WAY under budget this week. Mainly because the new Publix ad doesn't start until Friday due to the holiday so I didn't get to make that trip this week. I will either stop in for the dry goods while we are away visiting or do a full visit when we get back but there are definitely some good deals that I don't want to miss.

KROGER: Dr. Pepper (3.00), Ice Cream (1.50), choc milk (2.29), OJ (0.99), crescents (FREE), bacon (1.75), egg nog (2.69 - Luv U Dad), yeast (FREE), pineapple (2.24), doritos (FREE), spices (FREE), celery (0.75), jelly (1.69), detergent (1.79).

WALGREENS: Crackers (0.50), Kleenex (0.14), chili (0.33), lotion (FREE), Triaminic (FREE). Best of all I am now eligible to submit the $10 rebate from Nabisco.

TARGET: Yes, I actually graced Target with my presence today. SHOCKER!!! I bought veggies (0.20), cream soups (0.16) + a few Christmas gifts. :)

Regular Price: $170.99
Savings: $132.78 or 78%
Actual Cost: $38.21 ($34.26 after ECP reimbursement)*

*Some of the Crackers and Kleenex will be going to my daughter's school.


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