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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 70%

This week I didn't hit a ton of stores. Mainly, because I spent most of my budget at the Kroger Mega Event but also because other sales seemed mediocre. Here's what I got for my $60 this week. How about you, did you find any good deals? Leave me a comment below this post.

WALGREENS & CVS: I bought Haloween books (0.13), Almay (Free), J&J 1st aid (0.32), Colgate (FREE).

KROGER: I did 4 rounds of the MEGA EVENT this week. I bought Kleenex (0.66), Dr. Pepper (0.79), TP (4.49), potatoes (0.10), hashbrowns (0.99), Keebler cookies (0.49), evap milk (FREE), hot sauce (0.49), rice (0.49), Chex (FREE), RTB cookies (0.49), V8 (1.49) - HUGE THANK YOU to those who sent me coupons for this!

I also bought dinner rolls (1.50), milk (1.00), cilantro (0.99), egg roll wrappers (2.65), canned veggies (0.30), BBQ (2.99), cream of chicken (0.59), bread (0.78), pears (0.88 lb), bananas (0.54 lb), avocado (1.39).

Grand Totals:
Regular Price: $205.36
Savings: $142.51 or 70%
Actual Cost: $60.85 (-$2.38 ECP)* = $58.47

*Supplies for Skylar's school that I get reimbursed for.

My shopping this week was the true essence of stockpiling. Buy as much as you can when the prices are at their lowest to hold you over until the next big sale (typically 12 weeks or 3 months).


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