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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shopping Trip - Saved 66%

I stayed close to home this week. There weren't a whole lot of coupon deals that were worth the drive to me. I love having my stockpile because I no longer feel I have to get each and every deal. That can get exhausting but stockpiling does pay off. I am definitely reaping the benefits now. I still came in under my $60 budget. That makes 2 weeks in a row! Yay!!

WALGREENS & CVS: FREE items were Kleenex, OTC Meds, Air Freshner, Shampoo, Mascara, Cough Drops. I also bought hair color (2.99), onions (0.49).

KROGER: I mainly went for the detergent (1.64) but ended up getting lots more like milk (2.79), OJ (1.50), biscuits (0.34), crescents (0.92), bacon (1.98), tortillas (1.00), spoons (1.00), pork chops (1.69 lb), buns (0.88), butter (1.65), seasoning (1.49). It was also time to buy sodas again (3.00).

Somehow I left out the produce in the 1st pic. There are blueberries (2.00), pears (0.77 lb), apple (1.40 lb), cantaloupe (1.23).

PUBLIX: I did sneak in a trip to Publix last week and got 3 yogurt 4 pks (0.25 each) and 2 shredded cheese bags (0.92 each).

FOOD LION: Just a quick trip in today to grab chocolate milk (1.99), green onions (0.44) and Christmas Tree Snack Cakes for hubby (1.50).

Sorry about the lack of photo on the last 2 items. It's just been a crazy week!

Regular Price: $171.20
Savings: $113.86 or 66%
Actual Cost: $57.84

Leave a comment and let me know about any great deals you found this week!


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