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Friday, March 12, 2010

A Break (Of the Spring Variety)

Spring Break starts today and I have made the executive decision to take a break too. Well, kinda. We have some home projects planned and we will be traveling part of the week too. Not to mention the packing and unpacking (ugh!). Then, I also have a surprise party planned for my hubby's 30th birthday that I need to pull off! So, as you can see, it's gonna be a busy (but fun) Spring Break. I'll still be around as I never travel without my laptop but I'll mainly be focusing on my family this week. I'll also still be working my "real" job (I'm a medical transcriptionist). It's a perk and a curse all wrapped into one that I can work from my laptop whenever and wherever there is Internet access (even on vacation).

I do have a couple of informative posts lined up to drop your way but the main difference is that I won't be doing matchups this week. Not to leave you hanging, I want to give you some of my favorite blogs for you to check out.

Local Blogs: Saving For Eight (Birmingham), Faithful Provisions (Nashville), Bargain Buggy (Mobile), Couponing 101 (Texas)

Don't forget that I'll be spotlighting my readers on Thursday in the Reader Showcase. Make sure that you are following me on Facebook and Twitter as well. Sometimes I like to hop on there and post deals and freebies real quick rather than writing a full blog post. Besides, my readers are pretty good about sharing deals that they find too!

If this week is also your Spring Break then I hope you have a wonderful one. I want you to encourage you to take a break and enjoy your family too! As much as I love couponing and deal finding, I'm kinda looking forward to a little time off. Ok, I'm still taking my coupons with me (big grin). You just never know when a deal will pop up!


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