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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shopping Trip - Saved 76%

Here's what I bought this week. I got $240 in groceries for $58 and a savings of 76%!

WALGREENS & CVS: ($19.95) At CVS I got FREE body wash and cereal (1.33). At Walgreens I got FREE toothbrushes, Motrin PM. I also bought soda (2.66), wipes (1.49), razor (1.99), cream soups (0.54), gum (0.69).
KROGER: ($8.28) Here I got FREE batteries, yogurt & Chex Mix. I also bought paper towels (0.09), lunchables (0.75), pizza dough (0.35), bread (0.78), deodorant (1.33), fish oil vitamins - not pictured (0.49).
Round #2 ($4.03): I went back for more FREE batteries and lunchables (0.75).
FOOD LION: ($17.93) These Food Lion deals were from last week but I was waiting for coupons. I bought cereal (0.25), ground beef (0.99 lb), Sunny D (0.75), pop tarts (1.00), pancake mix (0.49), chips (2.00), grapes (0.99 lb).
Round #2 ($7.76): This deals are from this week's ad. I bought waffles (1.19), white milk (2.69), choc milk (1.99), cookies (FREE), kiwi (0.50).
Regular Price: $240.18
Savings: $182.23 or 76%
Actual Cost: $57.95

Yep, I used up more of my excess but I got some great deals this week and I'm still under budget for the year! The battery deal was the best part of the week and I can't wait to get more next week after my coupons from The Q Hunter arrive. I was also able to use the Food Lion deals from last week to get more things for the upcoming food pantry drive at MOPS. I already have a big plastic tote FULL of items!

Speaking of budgets, don't forget to take my VERY quick survey (2 questions) on monthly grocery budgets. I'm anxious to see what yours is like.

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lisa fleming said...

I went to Kroger to get my batteries and lunchables today and found the bread encrusted chicken sub lunchables to be on clearance for .79, so with my coupons, they were $.03 each. woohoo!! Cheapest trip i've ever taken to the grocery store for batteries and subs. There were about 8 more, but I only took what the boys would eat for school lunch for tomorrow, since they will expire soon, thus the clearance. Shute's lane Kroger, TN

Frugal Friend said...

Congrats on the savings. You did really great. I'm thinking of getting those lunchables. Are they good?