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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Walgreens Register Rewards Explained

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If you are going to be doing any shopping at Walgreens, you need to know about Register Rewards. This is an in-store rebate program specific to Walgreens. Walgreens does not have a loyalty card program so anyone can take advantage of these deals.

Register Reward Info:
  • RR = Register Reward
  • RRs print at the end of your transaction from a machine located next to the cash register.
  • RRs are $-off coupons that can be used on your next transaction. I've seen them as low as $1 or as high as $10 and all amounts in between.
  • RR deals change from week to week and/or month to month. The weekly RRs are usually advertised in the ad that comes out on Sunday and by white shelf tags. Monthly RRs are usually advertised by large red shelf tags in the store.
  • RRs are earned when you purchase a certain quantity or dollar amount of a particular item or brand. Examples: Earn $5 in RRs when you buy 1 Gillette Fusion Razor OR Earn $3 in RRs when you buy $10 of participating Dove products.
  • There are no limits on RR deals. However, you cannot do the same deal more than once in a transaction. Only one RR will print for that deal. You are, however, allowed to combine different deals in one transaction.
  • RRs can not be "rolled." This means that you cannot use a RR earned from one promotion to do it over again. For example, if you earn RR for Dove soap, you cannot use that RR to buy more Dove soap. If you do, the RR will not print the 2nd time.
  • RRs typically have an expiration date of 2 weeks from when they print.
  • You can use manufacturer's coupons on an item that is part of a RR deal. This will not hinder your RR from printing.
  • RRs may only be applied to the pre-tax total. You will still have to pay tax OOP (out of pocket).
  • RRs are actually manufacturer's coupons and it states this in the top left corner. Because of this, you technically should be able to use them at other retailers. However, in my area, Publix is the only store who accepts them but you should check with your store to verify this.
  • Walgreen's cash registers will not allow more manufacturer's coupons than items purchased. Since RRs are actually manufacturer's coupons, this can get tricky if you have a coupon for every item in your transaction and attempt to use RRs as well. In this case, you can purchase a "filler item" (something inexpensive) to get the item-to-coupon ratio unbalanced. This will allow you to use your RR and reduce your out of pocket cost.
  • If a RR doesn't print, make sure you bought the correct quantity of the specific item. Ask for a manager and show them the advertised deal either in the ad or by the tag on the shelf.
  • A RR may not have printed due to the machine being out of paper and/or turned off. If this is the case, ask the manager to correct the issue and re-ring your purchase.
  • Every store is different in how they handle troubleshooting. Some will simply give you $ out of the register. Others will re-ring the purchase and subtract the RR amount from the final price. Still others will give you a form for you to fill out and mail in along with a copy of your receipt.
Register Rewards can be a bit tricky but, once you get a handle on it, you will love all the great deals you find! It's not uncommon at all to be able to get items for FREE or even MONEY MAKER deals at Walgreens.



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