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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Deal on Energizer Batteries at Kroger

Right now Kroger has the small packs of Energizer batteries on sale for $1.00. Several folks have spotted a tearpad in stores with a $0.75 coupon, thus making the batteries $0.25 a pack!!! I have confirmed this at both the Donelson and Hermitage, TN stores. Leave a comment if you found this deal in your store as well.

Small rant....

Dear Kroger shopper who was in the Hermitage location on 3/1 at approximately 7:50 PM:
Yes, there is a really great deal on batteries this week! I know, I went in looking for this deal myself. I wasn't even really surprised to find another shopper in the battery aisle taking advantage of this same deal. However, I was totally SHOCKED to find that you had taken the ENTIRE tearpad full of coupons and were proceeding to FILL your buggy with as many battery packs as you could. A little excessive, don't you think? I would have bothered to mention this to you but I was alone and you had your hubby there standing guard. Neh uh. No way am I messing with the hubby. I bet that was your plan all along, huh? I love a good bargain as much as the next couponer, but tactics like yours are what gives ALL couponers a bad name and makes folks like me quite irritated. There are certain unspoken rules to good couponing and one of them is to NOT CLEAR SHELVES! Save some for the rest of us. We need our coupon fix too!
Batteriesless Bishop

Update: I went to the Donelson Kroger today and found tearpad o'plenty! I respectfully took 4 coupons, purchased some AAA batteries for my daughter's school and left. There is also a $0.50 coupon in the 1/3 SS which will double and make them FREE.




April E said...

That is just wrong!! The Oakwood Publix has started putting their advantage buy flyers behind the customer service desk for that exact reason!

marissa said...

So that is why there were no tear a ways at hermitage today when i checked. :(