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Monday, March 22, 2010

Newspaper Subscription

I wanted to let you know about a great deal I just got on The Tennessean. I called 1-800-342-8237 and asked for offer S-HU. This allowed me to get a Sunday-only subscription for just $1.00 per week. This offer is valid for 1 year. Best of all, I was able to order multiple copies!! I went ahead and set up EZPay where they bill my credit card every three months ($13.05).

If you aren't in the Nashville area, I would encourage you to contact your local newspaper and find out if they are offering any specials. Most newspapers will offer a Sunday-only subscription if you ask. They just don't advertise it because they would rather have you purchase a larger subscription.

Some of you might be wondering why I get multiple copies of the newspaper. It's for the coupons, of course! :) My old readers are probably tired of hearing me say this but it's true.... "the more coupons you have, the more times you can work a deal." By working a deal multiple times, you are able to stockpile those items at rock bottom prices. Hopefully you are able to purchase enough to hold you over until the next time that item goes on sale (typically every 6-12 weeks).

The "rule" on how many newspapers to purchase depends on your family size. Generally speaking, you should purchase 1 newspaper per member of your family. Personally, I like to keep things in even numbers so I purchase 2 each week. I also do this because BOGO's (Buy One Get One Free Items) come in multiples of 2. See, there is a method to my madness. Ha!

How many papers do you get each week? Do you get your papers(s) through a home subscription, retailer or news stand? Anyone lucky enough to get them FREE from neighbors or family members?



Nikole said...

I only get one paper, but my mom and mother-in-law haven't gotten into couponing, so they just give me theirs.

Robert and Hannah said...

Wait. If it's a buck a week, why are they charging you 13 bucks for 3 months? Did you get 4 copies?

Robert and Hannah said...

Oops... hit send before I was done. ;) Also, what happens if the paper is missing a coupon insert? That's happened to me a few times now with getting it at Kroger, so now I check before I buy them. I really am a sight to see, standing there on a Monday afternoon with the baby in his carrier, purse, and diaper bag all strewn about as I leaf through multiple copies of the Sunday paper there in Kroger. Hahaha!!!

Staci said...

They charge $13 because there is usually a 5th Sunday in there somewhere. I ordered 2 copies each week. I usually flip through them at Kroger too. I don't like it when I don't get my inserts. LOL! If one is missing from the paper that is delivered you can call them and report it (same as if you didn't receive the paper at all). They will usually credit you a week.

I used to have a subscription a long time ago but I never renewed it... until now!

yvette said...

I have been getting my papers at krogers on mondays but a few times there have not been any coupons in there and that is very upsetting to me. why would people just take out the coupons and leave the rest of the paper there? that is not good couponing!!! so i am now thinking about getting this deal.