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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shopping Trip - Saved 73%

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I purchased $189 in groceries for $52 at a savings of 73%! Here's what I bought this week.

WALGREENS & CVS: ($31.52) At Walgreens I bought lunch meat (1.37), cheese (0.88), mac & cheese (0.49), cereal (1.25), taco shells (0.99), insoles (0.98). At CVS I got FREE toothbrushes and lip balm plus soda (2.25).
KROGER: ($14.34) Here I got FREE batteries, and Chex Mix. I also bought pizzas (1.00), kiwi (0.44), Pringes (0.75), cookie mix (0.10), pizza dough (0.35), yogurt bars (0.09), nut clusters (0.29), pepperoni (2.45), bread (0.78), apples (0.98 lb), Lunchable (1.00), Reese cup (FREE - March To Savings Game).
FOOD LION: ($5.88) Quick trip here for some essentials like eggs (0.75), milk (1.99), buns (0.87) and Excedrin (0.50).
Regular Price: $188.93
Savings: $137.19 or 73%
Actual Cost: $51.74

The Publix ad was kinda blah again this week so I skipped. I spent a big chunk of change at Walgreens & CVS this week but they had the best deals on sandwich fixins and soda, which are items that this household blows through each week. I did a little extra adding and found that almost $10 of my total was TAX. Ugh! Makes me miss FL just a little bit but not too much.

***Remember, next week I'll be traveling to visit my folks in Birmingham so I want to spotlight deals that YOU find. Find out how to submit your entires for my Reader Showcase. I cannot wait to see your savings!***

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