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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Walgreens Deals 3/7-3/13

Here are my favorites for Walgreens this week. If you find a good deal, please post it in the comments.

SPECIAL NOTES: View the new month-long (March) Register Rewards list here. Also, grab the new March Coupon Booklet found near the registers. I Heart Wags has a preview here. There are also rumors that the new Children's Activity Books are showing up in select stores. I'll be on the hunt this week and let you know what I find in my area.


Glade Sense & Spray or Reed Diffuser, $5.99
-$2.00 from Wags March Coupon Book
-$3.00 off, 1/24 SS or 2/7 SS
*Total is $0.99

Dr. Scholl's Promo: Earn 10 RR WYB $20 (monthly deal)
-$3.00 off insoles w/in-ad coupon (only need 1, will deduct $3.00 for each)
-$2.00 off Memory Fit or Massaging Gel Insoles printable (need 3)
>Buy 3 at $6.99 (estimated price) and use above Qs.
>At my store these rang up $10.99 each, so I bought 2 and used Qs. Made them $0.98 each in the end, which is still a great deal and my hubby was happy to get them!

Mix N Match Promo: Earn 5 RR WYB $20
Participating Items:
Nabisco Cookies, $2.50 [$1.00 WYB 2 Nabsico School Calendar]
Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat, $2.50
Lunchables, $2.50 [$0.75 off printable]
Kraft Singles, $2.50
Planters NUT-Trition, $4.00 [$1.00 off, 1/3 SS]
Planters Cashews or Mixed Nuts, $4.00 [$2.00 WYB 2, 1/24 SS]
Digiorno, $5.00
*Mix & Match to get to $20 before coupons to earn your 5 RRs.

Pampers Diapers, $10.00
-Earn 2.50 RR WYB 2
-$1.50 off, 2/7 PG (use 2)
*Total is $14.50 or $7.25 each.

Colgate Total Toothpaste, BOGO @ $2.79
-$1.00 off, 2/21 SS (use 2)
*Total is $0.79 or $0.39 each.

Reach Total Care Toothrbush, 3/$9
-$5.01 in-store coupon
-BOGO Reach, 1/3 RP
-$1.00 Reach printable (use 2)
>Tip: Use store coupon last.

Dental Care Promo: Earn 3 RR WYB 3 items
Participating Items:
Crest 3D Toothpaste, $3.00 [$1.00 off, 2/21 PG]
Crest 3D Whitening Rinse, $3.00
Oral B 3D Toothbrush, $3.00 [BOGO, 3/7 PG]
Oral B Advanced Toothbrush, $3.00 [$0.75 off, 2/7 or 2/21 PG]
>Buy 1 Crest Toothpaste + 2 Oral B toothbruses. Use $1.00 off + BOGO + $0.75 Q
*Total will be $1.25 or $0.21 each.

Dial Body Wash (trial size), $1.00

Kraft Mac and Cheese, $0.69 w/in-ad coupon
-$1.00 WYB 5 Kraft printable
*Total is $2.45 or $0.49 each.

Post Cereals, $1.75
-$1.00 WYB 2, 2/28 SS
*Total is $2.50 or $1.25 each.
>If they have the Natural Advantage, you can use this $2.00 printable to get them FREE.

Dove Soap, $0.99 w/in-ad coupon
Old El Paso Taco Shells, $0.99

Good filler items:
Peeps, $0.39 w/in-ad coupon
Candy Eggs, $0.29 w/in-ad coupon
Morton Salt or Baking Soda, $0.50 w/in-ad coupon
>Also look for clearanced Valentine's Day Candy.




Robert and Hannah said...

Thanks so much for posting all this Staci. You're a lifesaver!

I don't get how the Dr. Scholl's promo works out to be a money maker... if they're roughly 7 bucks each and you buy 3 that's 21, minus the 6 for coupons is 15, minus the 10 rr, wouldn't that mean you're still spending 5 bucks?

Also, when you say in-ad coupon, are you always referring to the most recent coupon book thingie that you get at the register, or what?

Thanks girlie!! <3

Staci said...

The in-ad coupons are found in the weekly circular and they change from week to week.

In the case of the Dr. Scholl's inserts, you can stack a mfg coupon with the in-ad store coupon. Only 1 store coupon is needed. It will automatically deduct $3 for each product purchased.

At my store the insoles rang up $10.99 each, so I bought 2 and used Qs. Made them $0.98 each in the end, which is still a great deal and my hubby was happy to get them!